Municipal solid waste (MSW) is the waste generated by public. Without significant recycling activity, it predominantly includes food waste, market waste, yard waste, plastic containers and product packing materials and other miscellaneous solid waste from residential, commercial, institutional and industrial sources. Municipal waste needs to be efficiently handled to avoid serious health, hazards to public and also generate revenue out of waste. Composting is nature's way of recycling. Controlled process hastens this natural decomposition of organics. The final product is compost which has an earthy aroma. Composting significantly reduces the quantity of waste being diverted into landfills. 

Alfa-Therm Limited is a leading manufacturer offering latest modern mechanized plants for MSW processing which process and convert organic matter into compost with capacity 2 tons/day to 2000 tons/day based on windrows composting. The process involves pre-processing yard/windrows/shed management, processing and refinement before final packing of high quality compost. The plant incorporates apron feed regulate conveyor, feeding conveyors of several design, tromell screens, bucket elevators, Aerobic gravity separators, ferrous and non ferrous separators, drag chain systems, destoners and several other automation equipment to reduce manual handling and increase productivity. Our state of the art manufacturing facility coupled with our strong R&D wing continuously innovates new designs and equipment as per world class standards. We take pride in various Alfa Therm Compost Plants running all across the country on electrical and hydraulic modules. Our dynamic teams focus their energy and resources to offer the very best solutions to customer needs.

Benefits of composting

  • Composting adds organic materials to soils making these soils more productive and optimal for plant vigor.
  • Composting improves aeration to the root zone of plants.
  • Composting helps sandy soils retain moisture and builds soil structure allowing plants to utilize natural nutrients in soil. This helps to reduce water consumption. In hard or clay soils, compost improves drainage.
  • Compost helps reduce topsoil erosion and minimizes the need for chemical fertilizer. 

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