Alfa Therm is leading name in the waste treatment technology. “Alfa-Therm” providing various designs of incinerators with different types of Air Pollution Control Devices in wet scrubbing technology and dry scrubbing technology as per Country Emission norms (European/Indian/USEPA/Bahrain/Egyptian etc.), Customer requirements and specifications for treatment of general waste, solid waste, biomedical waste, hazardous waste, industrial waste, pharmaceutical waste, refinery waste, poultry waste, animal waste, chemical waste etc.. “Alfa-Therm” successfully executed several projects in various countries in the world including India. “Alfa-Therm” Incinerators are running satisfactory in Industries, Common Bio Medical Waste Treatment Facilities, Research Institutions, Defence establishments, Resorts, Municipal Corporations, Embassy, Hotels, Schools, Colleges ………

What is incineration?

Incineration is a waste treatment method that involves the combustion of solid, liquid, and sludge wastes converting them into residue products. The incinerator is provided with an air pollution control device that cleans the particulate and gaseous matter before releasing them into the atmosphere. The solid mass of the original waste is successfully reduced by 80 to 85 % and the volume by 95 to 96 % using incinerators.

Alfa Therm incinerators

Alfa Therm is the leading incinerator manufacturer in India. Our incinerators come with the option of wet or dry air pollution control in the form of cyclone separators, fabric filters, ceramic filters, low-pressure wet scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators. Our core competence lies in manufacturing and designing all types of waste incinerators including industrial waste incinerators, medical waste incinerators, hazardous waste, animal waste, slaughterhouse waste, solid waste incinerators, and any other types of waste.

Advantages of waste incineration

Solid waste incinerators are used to convert solid waste into flue gas, heat. The process of incineration is the major alternative to landfills. Alfa Therm solid waste incinerators separate the most dangerous gases from the flue gas that are produced during the incineration process. Let’s look at the advantages of waste incineration -

Production of energy

The incineration plant generates energy from waste that is called waste to energy. The energy produced can be used to generate electricity or heat. It can be used to meet the power needs of the people living in the surrounding areas of the plant.

Efficient waste management

Incineration plays a major role in making waste management more efficient and easier as it can burn up to 90 % of the total waste generated. However, landfills only allow the decomposition of organic waste.

Savings on transportation of waste

Incineration plants can be in proximity to cities or towns and hence the waste doesn’t have to be driven to faraway places for dumping which means that the cost of transportation gets reduced. The money saved can be spent on better stuff like the growth of the city.

Incinerators have treatment systems for trapping pollutants

The main problem that occurs for solid waste incineration is the release of harmful compounds. However, modern incinerator plants use filters to trap these harmful gases and particulate dioxin.

Reduction of pollution

It is believed that solid waste incinerators are less likely to pollute the environment in comparison to landfills.

Provides better control of noise

Incineration plants do not provide bad smells as the waste gets burnt in a controlled manner, unlike landfills where waste is allowed to decay which not only causes air pollution but also emits bad smell.

Avoid methane gas production

Incineration plants do not produce methane gas unlike landfills and hence are safer. In landfills, if methane gas is not properly controlled, may explode causing further global warming.

Efficient use of space

Incineration plants occupy a small space, thus making them a convenient solution.

Operates in any weather

This is yet another great advantage of incinerators. Incinerators can work 24 hours, non-stop in any kind of weather as they burn waste without leakages.

Solid waste incineration plants provide several advantages to solve the growing need for waste management. It is a great solution to treat any kind of waste. Furthermore, they offer safe results and various advantages that make it ideal for industrial waste management.

Alfa Therm incinerator plants are easy to operate and load and are built for long life. Our equipment may even reuse waste to generate power such as steam, electric power. That extra power can be used at the manufacturing plant for useful processes which means cost savings for the manufacturing plant. If you are someone looking to buy incinerators, look no further than Alfa Therm Ltd. Alfa Therm experts suggest the right incinerator and air pollution technology for you at the best price in the market!